Welcome to GeneNet Engine

GeneNetEngine is a resource for searching and visualizing biological networks, particularly gene co-expression networks. It also provides tools for identification of putative biomarkers for traits where data is available! Find networks by:

  • Browsing through the Species or Projects linked in the header above.
  • Use the Network search to find networks and functional modules associated with traits or function
  • use the Gene search to find interactions with genes of interest

New Networks Coming Soon...

The SciDAS project, funded by NSF Award #1659300. has provided funding to dramatically update and refresh GeneNetEngine. As part of the SciDAS project, a new network construction workflow will be built and massive network construction using public data for over 1000 species will be performed. Those networks will be housed here on GeneNetEngine. New networks should start appearing late 2018 and 2019.